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Copper Beech
and Golden Beech

      Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea'
  Fagus sylvatica 'Zlatia' Golden-leaved European Beech
Karren Wcisel © 2001
Copper and Golden Beech Trees at the top of Frost Hill in Morton Arboretum

These trees are members of the Fagaceae or Beech Family

As you reach the top of Frost Hill, the road curves to the left. On your right, just before the service road, you'll see the two beech trees that are shown in the photo at the right. One is a Copper Beech Tree and the other a Golden Beech tree. It was easy to distinguish between them in May, when this photo was taken. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Leaves of Copper Beech Tree and Golden Beech Tree in Late April
Karren Wcisel © 2001
Copper Beech leaves in late April.
Karren Wcisel © 2001
Emerging leaves on Golden Beech Tree
The photo on the left shows leaves of the Copper Beech. The photo on the right shows the emerging leaves of a Golden Beech. These photos were taken on the same day in late April. The Copper beech was well "leaved" at this time, but the leaves on the Golden-leaved beech were still emerging.

Leaves of Copper Beech tree in different lighting
Karren Wcisel © 2002
Copper Beech leaves in sunlight 5-05-02
Karren Wcisel © 2002
Copper Beech leaves 5-05-02
These photos, of the same Copper Beech Tree, taken just moments apart on May 2, 2002 show how lighting can affect the appearance of the leaf color. The photo on the left was taken with light coming through the leaves.

The photographs on this page were taken at the top of Frost Hill on the east side of Morton Arboretum, There isn't a parking lot at the top of Frost Hill, but you'll find a small lot on your right as you come down the hill and I think you'll find the walk back up worth the effort.